The Problem

What prompted the download of the last app on your phone? you heard people talking about it, or you read about it in the media or a friend recommended it to you - There is no platform today to facilitate all of the above. As an indie app developer you find it hard to market your app and let it compete with 800,000 apps out there! - where is a platform that helps you promote your app and be part of conversations or chatter among users

Welcome smartness!

Hubbl is a smart telescope that discovers apps from conversations, media and friends. Hubbl is a word-of-mouth platform for Apps that is powered by opinions expressed via collaborative #tagging. Hubbl's features are weaved in with a social and a gaming layer with real world rewards that will engage users and also provide an avenue for indie app developers to identify and connect with their target audience.

Why Hubbl?

The name Hubbl is our tribute to the Hubble Space Telscope and Edwin Hubble the father of modern cosmology.

The app universe is just like the star filled sky in the night and there are as many apps today as there are stars in the sky. The sky was once mysterious and baffling until the humans invented the first Telescope. From there we went on to discover so many new surprises, we made sense of new stars, discovered galaxies and constellations, we leaped beyond the obvious and the universe became more accessible to us. The Telescope changed everything. That is exactly what we wanted to build. A smart telescope to spot apps, which will make us discover new surprises, accurately spot apps based on interests and needs, and finally make the app universe more accessible to all of us.

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